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Reach audiences that matter
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Forget about generic segments. Target customers who matter to you based on what they read thanks to keyword targeting.

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Introducing The keyword Platform
Define your KPI
From getting your brand as visible as possible to generating more sales with your campaign, we provide you strategies tailored to your objectives.
Increase notoriety
Get video views
Generate incremental visits
Generate sales
Create your audiences with keywords
We help you define exactly which audiences you want to reach by creating custom audiences based on keywords used in the content they read.
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Customize your message
Native, Display, Video. Whatever the message you want to show to your audiences, we have the adequate formats.
Run your campaign across all devices
We are connected to all major publications so that you can run your campaign everywhere you want to on the web.

Drive measurable results on your campaigns

We provide strategies tailored to your online advertising campaign objectives in order to give you the best ROI possible for each of your campaign.




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We are an advertising

We are rethinking advertising technologies from the ground up to power the next major paradigm shift
in online advertising.

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